Support for Thesis

Please check my videos on writing proposals:

Please check my videos on writing a masters thesis:

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  • You are writing a thesis in the Information Systems field. So please use Information Systems theories and literature. A good starting point is provided by Overall, I expect that you incorporate at least 25-30 scientific papers of high quality (Journal ranking All used papers have to be uploaded to google drive (you will receive the invitation soon – write me if you have no access now). 
  • Every thesis requires a literature review – please do it according to Webster and Watson (2002).
  • Please upload your references (papers) as well as your working files (proposals, thesis) in google drive. Please make version numbers (10_26 Proposal Name.docx) so that I easily see the actual one. You will find helpful documents and literature on google drive.
  • Please work with Zotero ( – I’d like to find the zotero export file in the google drive folder. at the end of the thesis.
  • If you don’t have access to some sources, try to enter the DOI on this homepage h works often).