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Innovation enthusiast, education designer, and a passionate researcher

Stefan is an education designer, innovation enthusiast, and a passionate entrepreneur. He is the founder of Power Experience, a tech consulting company as well as the co-founder of Sustainista, a hub for sustainable tech innovation. Furthermore, Stefan is employed as an university lecturer at international universities amongst others University of Applied Sciences Vienna and Reykjavik University. Before his time as an entrepreneur, Stefan was leading the User Experience department at BAWAG P.S.K. As a part of the agile leadership team, he was driving the agile transformation while developing a digital banking platform including a mobile application. Moreover, Stefan built up Talent Garden Innovation School Vienna and developed innovative study programs from scratch. He is a certified Project Manager and was elected chairman of the student agency of doctoral students. His scientific work has been published in top academic journals and was cited more than 300 times. He was awarded the ERSTE Bank Prize for Research in CEE 2012 as well as with performance awards from Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Please check out an interview for the magazine ‚Biorama‘ about sustainability and the INEX sustainability challenge.

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During my professional career, I managed several events such as the NETA Hackathon or the FinTech Hackathon 2019.

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